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How did the amber in Ukraine?

According to the latest research by scientists, about 40 million. years ago was an island north of Ukraine and Poland and Belarus - the sea. On the shores of this sea and those grown pine resin which turned amber. Currently, pine, from which could turn amber grows only in Australia.
Ukrainian archaeologists often find amber glassware during excavations. The oldest finds - age 17 - 20 thousand years. The most common amber that catch archaeologists - beads, amulets, figurines of people, toys, pendants.
In the XVIII century of amber found carved bracelets, clasps, buckles, amber pectoral crosses, rings and mouthpieces. Also, it was used for divination purposes. It sounds paradoxical, but even just some 25 - 30 years ago in the Ukraine melted amber furnace room envelop with smoke and called chestnut coal.
Many scientists still believe that Ukrainian amber - Baltic origin, that it simply brought to Ukraine with glaciers and sea currents. However, failed to prove that Ukrainian amber formed on the territory of Rivne region about 40 million years ago. The largest deposits of amber - in the Rivne region - Klesivska field. Pieces of amber found in the Rivne region, reached at 15cm weight 700g. Here mined amber reddish-yellow honey and wax-white shades.
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