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Icons of amber - a talisman, which should be in every home.

Amber - a unique material that in its beauty can compete with even the gold. That’s why it’s so often used to finish icons. Images on the icons have a special inner strength - this austere, quiet beauty, which, as it illuminates the face of the saint inside. In order to show the spiritual power of the saints in the icons used gilding. Amber expanded arsenal of artistic painters, introduced its new, special notes. Amber is very beautifully reflects light, giving rizam heavenly saints special luster. Amber creates the effect of the refraction of light, so it seems that the image of the icon looks straight into the soul of praying.
Amber icons - a wonderful gift for relatives and friends. Icons of amber bring peace and joy to the home. When selecting icons from amber for your home is best to listen to your heart, trusting intuition. We are sure that the directory browsing icons of "Art-Burshtin", you can find exactly your icon!
On our site contains orthodox icons - both from a single stone and pours natural amber. All our icons - exclusive original works of high quality, bright and picturesque. Rich colors of amber helps implement any boldest ideas artists can create works of art that produce heat and light. Amber - amazing stuff that has no expiration date, so icons of amber will serve you for many years, they will be the legacy that you are happy to be able to pass on to their children and grandchildren.
Icons of amber - the symbols of the sun, the great defenders and charms.
If your children get married, get married, and you do not know what to give, give wedding icons from amber. This gift will truly make future family happier! Look, choose, call us - our consultants will gladly assist you in selecting the icon.