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Magical properties of amber

Amber attracts not only amazing shades medicinal properties and amazing forms, but their magical abilities.
People have always valued amber. The history of this stone has a lot of legends, myths. Since time immemorial, people have believed that amber - the defender of the witches, evil spirits. Often it was used as an amulet against the evil eye for babies - it underlay in baby clothes. In Scotland amber strung on red thread and worn as a necklace, fleeing from evil spirits. In Poland and Russia amber beads dressed women to clean milk and to protect infants.

Amber - the main guardian of lovers

Has long been believed that this amazing stone is able to attract love and to satisfy any desire. If all time wearing amber stone with yourself, you can bring the person you love. This is due to the fact that the amber has magnetic properties. But love amber is sure to bring good luck, health and happiness. He helps his master always make the right decisions in matters of love and friendship.
Even in the Middle Ages witch doctors to help find love and friend, added amber love teas and offered to wear around the heart.
If you are single, love pass you - do yourself a gift - treat yourself this sunny stone! And life immediately acquire an entirely other colors! You will feel more confident and immediately find their soul mate!

Amber - a talisman for travelers

If you're going on the road - bring this stone or any product thereof. It is believed that "the spirits of Amber" guard out of trouble on the road, the whole journey accompany the owner of this stone.

Amber - a stone that changes the fate

It has long been noticed that amber gems bring their owners a variety of good things of life. Stone helps to reveal and enhance the beauty of a man brings good luck and attracts friends. Icons, ornaments, pictures of amber give joy and peace - they are talismans success stories in all of life's endeavors.