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Portraits of amber - an original gift for any occasion!

Portrait of amber - this is the most difficult type of painting, he performed in a special technique that combines applique, mosaic and painting. Relief applications and gives volume mosaic image and amber baby plays with light and the portrait looks bright and lively.
Now it is very difficult to pick up gifts to their loved ones, relatives, friends and employees. Although the range of goods in gift shops are very diverse, so surprise gift is very difficult. If you want to stand out among the piles of faceless and not always the right gifts, offer to make a portrait of amber. This gift will be remembered for years to come, it will always hang in the most prominent place in the house. Amber - a unique material created by nature itself. Exclusivity and durability portrait of amber - the main advantage of such a gift. Due to the physicochemical properties of amber, a portrait not fade, no rubs with time. Amber surprisingly transmits all color schemes, because it has about 200 unique natural shades.
Amber can be a portrait of its owner for this amulet, talisman. If you decide to give a portrait of amber - it is sure to bring the house love, peace, health and harmony.
Order a portrait of amber can be on our website. To do this you need to go to the order form, leave your contact info and send photos. We will contact you for confirmation and all the details. In the section "Prices" you can find prices for the basic standard sizes. But we can make any size portrait, in which case the price is discussed individually. We also deliver portraits anywhere in the country. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you - because we do not work with intermediaries, we create all our work.
Our company employs real masters who invest in each of his work is not only the experience, skills and talent, but also a part of himself, of his soul. As the original idea of an exclusive gift can also offer pictures of amber, amber icons, still lifes, triptych.