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Still life

Amber: natural or fake. Distinguish simple!

In our time to make fake amber is very simple. How to use the material for counterfeiting:
epoxy resin;
various plastics;
young resin - still not enough fossilized resin;
molten amber.

Fancy counterfeit amber

One of the most common examples of fakes - gifts, decorations, inside which there is an insect, a small snake or small lizard.
Insect frozen in amber - a fairly common phenomenon. This amber often can be found very small insects. Beetles, large insects, lizards and even more easily able to escape from the resin. So if you see a large insect in amber, then the probability that it is a fake - increases dramatically.

Major differences plastic fakes

Plastic - pretty solid stuff. If you try to cut it with a knife a "amber", then we get chips, while real amber gives specific dust.
Another difference plastic - it is very much off, forming a specific chemical smell. While amber combustion provides a pleasant smell like incense.

Epoxy - the fastest way to forging amber

Epoxy resin - it's almost the same pitch, just petrified it only for a day, but not for many millions of years. If you try to make an incision with a knife - get the same chip, like plastic. "Stones" from the epoxy resin inside will have many inclusions, which clearly indicates an artificial origin.

Counterfeits of glass

This type of counterfeiting easier to distinguish. Glass - durable material and knife damage it is very difficult and will remain on amber trail from the knife - the thin line and dust around the edges. In the glass, close inspection you can see the little colored blotches - pieces of dye that is not fully dissolved.

Pressed amber and copal

In appearance it is very difficult to distinguish - the texture, colors are absolutely identical. Fraud can only be determined by chemical means. For example, an ethereal solution of wet stone surface. If you caught digging, you will see a very bright spot contrast, the surface will darken. If it is pressed amber, then the point of contact with a solution of ether will become sticky.
In general, if you've seen real amber, took up is truly a gift of the gods, if any fraud, you can always distinguish even visually!
Company "Art Burshtin" - a painting, icons, portraits only of natural amber mined in Rivne region. We can guarantee the quality of our products.