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Triptych - original solution for any interior

Recently, a new trend in interior design - modular paintings - triptych. This trend is becoming more popular because of its unusual placement and combination of elements. Occupies a special place triptych of amber. Such a pattern into the design of any room, bring harmony, comfort and aesthetics. Especially beautiful triptychs night, by the light of evening light when the amber stones create a warm glow that is so pleasing to the eye.

Triptych in the interior

Just how stylish interior looks depends on the little touches - pictures. So it is important to take seriously the selection of paintings for the interior. And so hard to get lost, because there are so many techniques, styles, themes ...
Modular pictures - Triptych - this is a unique solution that fits with the design of the design of any style (classical, minimalism, hi-tech) and premises of any kind - whether strict office option, or a cozy living room.
Different versions of paintings triptych allows you to play on their design and placement. Strict, orderly style turns out, if you create a triptych ideally measured by the distance between the segments; rambling style can be created if a different place on the size of the triptych elements at different distances from each other. Just playing with the elements of the picture, it is possible to achieve lightness, ease. Triptych allows you to create extraordinary in any room, exclusive design. Such pictures will always uplift their owners will be the pride of the guests.
A few tips in selecting subjects triptych If you need to decorate the kitchen or living room, use triptychs-lifes.
Hall ideal for landscapes and flowers.
The most optimal option for office - triptychs abstraction.

Triptych of amber

Decoration triptych amber stone or grit - a special art. Amber can change their colors depending on the room temperature, the lighting, and even moisture. Triptychs of amber look bulky.
For inlays triptych wizard choose amber stones are small, image adorn appliances applications. Amber chips used for the background, but sometimes it can be a major element of the picture. Amber baby allows you to transfer all the accuracy and depth of the image.
Amber triptychs are not only very beautiful and original, they also have a beneficial effect on the human, have positive energy.
On our site you can buy ready-made paintings triptych, and offer your design option. In our workshop, experienced professionals who will be able to realize any of your fantasies.
The prices of our paintings will pleasantly surprise you, because all the products we make ourselves, without intermediaries.
Choose the call, we will be glad to help make your life a little bit happier!